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Specializing in the NeuroRelational Framework: A Healing-Centered Approach to Learning and Behavior

Equitable. Trauma-Informed. Neurology-Based.

Need Help with a child?

The concept of Alta began 20 years ago when developmental therapist, Betty Peralta, was in graduate school. She heard a lecture by a professor at the University of Washington discussing  severe behaviors of children due to not getting their emotional needs met by age six. The end of his talk left her stunned: "No one knows what to do with these children," he said. "No one."


How could that be? No one? There must be something somebody knows to do. That statement set Betty on a quest to discover how he could be wrong.


Over the next 20 years, an explosion of new brain science answered these children's need. Not only do we now know what to do for these children, what works for children with the most hardship works beautifully for everyone. For that reason, Alta is here to help with any child. 

Check out the services. Book a free consultation. Join the newsletter to get regular tips and information on this neuro-relational paradigm. Whether you are a parent, nanny, teacher, therapist or social worker, you will find what you need to get on the road to more peaceful and productive interactions with a child.

"At Alta, it's not called bad behavior. It's called a stress response."

how alta can help


Free Consultation

45 min on Phone

Are you wondering whether Alta is for you?


Tell me about a child and learn possible steps you can take with or without Alta's services.


1 hr on Phone, at home/school, or In Office


Enables you to gain and hone skills that support healthy interactions with a child. We'll use neurobiology and relationship tools that combine maintaining connection with holding children accountable for their growing responsibilities.


1 hr on Phone

Ideas for understanding & meeting developmental needs of a child.


Consultation applies the NeuroRelational Framework in meeting children's needs for social and emotional development. 

The Work in Four Questions

AKA Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction (I-BSR).


Phone, Skype or In Person

We all get bugged by children sometimes, and these annoyances, fears and frustrations can build up and get in the way of having peaceful and productive relationships with them. Overcome stressful beliefs using The Work, or Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction Technique.



Skype or In Person

Most of us want to parent, teach or provide therapy
 at least a little better than we can. Despite our best intentions, old patterns can keep cropping up and get in the way of being at our best.

To stop repeating your own past hurts, use Client-Centered Hypnotherapy to go to the source of your struggles and heal them.

Therapeutic Services

School Assistance

Schools are often stressful places for children with attention, learning and sensory challenges.


This offering includes the following: 

  • Help with what to put on an IEP, BIP and lesson plan that addresses the source of behavior, learning and attention issues;

  • Teacher coaching on meeting your child's needs; and

  • All-school training on the use of the NRF's approach of meeting needs before expecting change.

Packages of 5 and 12 hrs available; book first session below.


"Betty, thank you so much for helping me to become the best mother I can possibly be!"

-- L.N., Parent Healing from Domestic Violence 

"Betty is, in a word, amazing.  At the school where she is a parent educator for my child, many of the parents have joked about wanting to build a room in our houses for her so she can advise us daily. Her vast experience is evident in her verbal and written suggestions as well as actual modeling how to improve interactions with rambunctious three year olds." 

J. S., Co-op Preschool Parent 

"During our transition from one to two kids, my eldest was really struggling. Betty's [suggestions] changed the way I parent and helped repair my relationship with my daughter."   A. B., Parent

"Betty is a fabulous facilitator. She listens with great attention to detail and with a deep sense of compassion. It impressed me how clearly she conveyed my concerns back to me and how her responses made me see a new perspective. Betty spends the time helping me find the answers inside myself, not telling me how I should be feeling or what she thought I should do. Spending time with Betty is always validating and uplifting!"

B. F.,  Teacher