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Help for Relationships with Children
Workshops, Consulting, and Therapeutic Services
Trauma-healing, & Brain-based.

how alta can help

Challenging behaviors trigger most of us, causing relationships to deteriorate. Alta helps adults use healing responses to behaviors that move interactions from frustrating to connected.

Soothing Tantrums
Soothing Tantrums

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Reaching Teens
Reaching Teens

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Instilling Healthy Habits & Responsibility
Instilling Healthy Habits & Responsibility

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Soothing Tantrums
Soothing Tantrums

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Free Consultation

30 min on Phone or Zoom



Tell me about a child and learn possible steps you can take with or without Alta's services.


1 hr on Phone/Zoom, at home/school, or In Office


Ongoing support for honing skills that support healthy interactions.


We'll practice tools that combine maintaining connection staying true to your own needs in a relationship with a child or partner.


1 hr or 30 min on Phone or Zoom

Ideas for understanding & meeting your needs while doing the same for a child or partner. 


Consultation applies the NeuroRelational Framework to children and adult relationship challenges. 


School Assistance

Schools can be less stressful for children with attention, learning, and sensory challenges.


This service includes the following: 

  • Help with what to put on an IEP, BIP, and lesson plan that addresses the source of behavior, learning, and attention issues;

  • Teacher coaching on meeting your child's needs; and

  • All-school training on the use of the NRF's approach of promoting change by meeting needs.

Packages of 5 and 12 hrs available; book the first session below.



  Honestly, I feel like all the parenting work we've put in thanks to Betty's guidance and advice over the past 2 years has literally set us up for success [for the Coronavirus Stay at Home Orders].  The kids know how to play together and resolve conflict. We've really leaned into limiting screens and encouraging boredom and creativity in the past year and that is paying off in spades. Justin and I could not be more grateful for the influence you have had in our lives. 

— Katie M.,  Parent