My Child Won't Sleep! Heal Trauma with Story

Trae's mother (a made up name) came to November's free Alta class with a problem: "I can't get him to go to sleep." As every parent knows, when your child won't sleep, that usually means you, and sometimes everyone else, can't sleep either. But an even bigger problem is that the brain uses sleep for a lot of its development. When a child can't sleep, they are missing out on important brain functions that occur both during a long sleep at night, and as a result of good sleep during the day. There are many reasons why sleep doesn't come. When I asked Trae's mom which brain system she thought we were dealing with (whether it could be medical, sensory, a trauma, or performance anxiety), the answ

Is it Bad Behavior or a Stress Response?

If you've heard me talk, you know my answer. Uncooperative behavior, whether rude, violent or withdrawn, can always be traced to some form of stress. Remove the stress and you remove the behavior. No child hits, screams, bites or whines when they are feeling calm and happy. What could they be so stressed about? To find out, we NeuroRelational therapists look to the four brain systems. Here they are: Regulatory System Located in the brain stem, this system is the body's regulator. Lack of sleep, hunger, food intolerances (often food dyes and other additives), and pain (usually in the stomach or head) all create stress in the body, and that can lead to stress in relationships. ​ Sensory System

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