Taming Your Inner Shark

When our children get upset, often our biggest struggle isn’t what is happening in front of us, but with what is going on inside our own heads. Circle of Security has a term for this: they call it “shark music.” Glen Cooper, one of the Circle of Security originators, video-recorded movement down a wooded path toward a beach from the viewer’s perspective. The first version of this is accompanied by Pachelbel's Canon. The audience is taken on a serene walk through nature, and is rewarded with a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean at the end. The first time I watched it years ago, the scene injected me with a sense of peace, and I enjoyed this rare treat of relaxation at work. The second time th

The New Discipline Model of  Safety-Challenge-Threat

If you attended any of my presentations in the last year, you likely learned about a teaching approach called the safety-challenge-threat model. It is based on more current science in the research of discipline than its counterpart, behaviorism. Instead of focusing on challenging behavior directly as behaviorism science has done, the safety-challenge-threat model has us respond to the stress that gives rise to challenging behavior. ​ Behaviorism views behaviors through a lens of compliance. Interventions either punish the non-compliant behavior using consequences like time-out, withholding privileges, or ignoring the child (withholding attention); reward the compliant behavior using sticker

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