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These topics are covered in the 12-Session Parent Class, and THOSE BOLDED IN PURPLE may be voted on for the next free monthly class.

Coming In and Going Out: Introduction to the Circle of Security

All behaviors come from unmet needs. Practice matching children's behaviors with their brain's engagement or seeking system needs, and share ideas for meeting those needs.

Handling Conflict while Staying Connected: Introduction to The Work in 4 Questions

Practice your own self care by using the Work in 4 Questions to relieve stress and connect better with those you love.

Healthy Anger: Supporting Emotions While Promoting Change

Find out how to express anger in ways that promote healthy stress in children and practice this invaluable skill; learn how to support healthy emotion expression in children, then move them from big emotion to solving their own problems. 


Punishments & Rewards vs. Solutions & Celebrations

A session on removing shame from mistakes, you will learn how to view tough behaviors as mistakes children can learn from; practice exchanging punishment for teaching children how to recover from mistakes; and get strategies for celebrating learning from mistakes.

Regulation through Sensory: Reducing What Aggravates and Finding What Soothes 

We take a deep dive into the sensory system to identify the four types of toxic stress, how to identify sensory triggers, and develop a toolkit for sensory soothers for your child.

Sharing Control While Staying in Charge: Introduction to Positive Discipline

Learn about the foundations of Positive Discipline and gain strategies for implementing the important modern-day skill of parenting with horizontal relationships. 

"Shark Music," Ruptures & Repairs

Find out the benefits of ruptures for relationships and practice strategies on making repairs in ways that capitalize on those benefits. Also, where do our parenting mistakes come from? Get help identifying their source and practicing self compassion.

Sleep, Nutrition and the Endocrine System: Supporting a Body that Supports the Mind

A closer look at the regulatory system with ideas for better sleep, healthier eating, and smoother hormonal function.


Solving Problems at Their Source: Introduction to the Neurorelational Framework 

Learn the benefits of adversity and healthy stress for children; regulation tools at each of the 4 brain systems; and the difference between healthy stress and toxic stress in parenting.

Trauma & Sensory-Informed Parenting/Teaching

Understand the importance of horizontal relationships for children with these challenges and get some strategies for implementing them. Also learn the importance of emotion expression and how to teach your child to do it with physical and emotional safety.

Using Sibling Rivalry and Conflicts in the Community to Empower Children

Sibling and peer conflicts are opportunities to learn a host of important skills. Learn how children can build resiliency from hard relationships.