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Stress Reduction + Energy Tools

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A training for service providers totaling 9 to 12 hours, 3 or 4 hours per day | $450 per hour 


How do you do this job without burning out? By learning how to take good care of yourself, both on the job and off.

This three-day training, co-presented with Betty Peralta and Joanna Wardisko, teaches the inquiry-based technique for reducing stress (The Work of Byron Katie), recent brain science discoveries on stress, how your particular brain responds to stress, and tools for getting your energy back. 

Day 1: Shameless Self-Nourishment

Remove the shame from self care, understand the difference between quick fixes and nourishment, practice visualizations for releasing and bringing in energy and learn the basics of Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction Technique.

Day 2: Honest Yeses and No’s + Energy Tools to Hold Space for You

We’re all told that we need to have boundaries for self care, but the idea of boundaries goes against the brain’s natural instinct to connect. Learn energy tools and a neuro-sensitive way to meet your needs while staying connected with those you serve and love.

Day 3: Whose Business Are You In?

All stress comes from stepping outside of the things that you can control. Learn how to identify what’s yours and exercises for letting go of other people’s stuff. Find out what your brain pattern is for sabotaging self care and how to overcome it.

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