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Disrupting the Preschool to Prison Pipeline

A Healing-Centered Approach

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A healing centered approach to addressing trauma requires a different question that moves beyond 'what happened to you' to 'what’s right with you,' and views those exposed to trauma as agents in the creation of their own well-being rather than victims of traumatic events.”
--Dr. Shawn Ginwright

Join me in exploring how biases affect development and what you can do to reverse the damage. Learn how to identify toxic stress in children, families, and yourself; how structural racism and bias engender this toxic stress; and how you are and can be more of a healing force for generational trauma in the children and families you serve.


The NeuroRelational Framework (NRF) shows us how to respond to even the most challenging behaviors in ways that promote social emotional development through relationship. Build skills in becoming connected under conflict through co-regulation and co-reflection, and find out how these skills keep our children’s futures safe from prison and set them on a path to fulfilling lives. 

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