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Step 3: Assess and Address Strengths and Vulnerabilities in 4 Brain Systems

STEP 3: The Branches

Identifies the sources of protective factors (strengths) and stressors (vulnerabilities) in 4 brain systems. Identifies interventions that will strengthen protective factors, reduce toxic stress, and build resilience.

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The NeuroRelational Framework conceptualized the four brain systems from the work of M. Marsel Mesalum, a behavioral neurologist at Northwestern University.


The NRF is detailed in an academic text called Infant/Child Mental Health, Early Intervention, and Relationship-based Therapies: A Neurorelational Framework For Interdisciplinary Practice by Connie Lillas and Janiece Turnbull. This text is included in the Daniel Siegel-founded Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology found here.

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