Part 2: Down Time: Nourishment for the Overburdened Sensory System

Stress In the West: This is a four-part series on how stress in Western society aggravates children's four brain systems and promotes challenging behaviors. After the Regulatory System, the second place the NRF looks when assessing stress is the Sensory System. ​When my son, Franky, was little, I used to get anxious when I didn't have something for him to do. I knew he would be anxious about it, too, and somehow I felt that if he didn't have anything to do, it meant that I wasn't doing my job. I wish I knew then what I know now. ​ I wish I knew then that the angst I felt was a natural first phase of relaxing into life. "Just get over this little hump of boredom," I wish I'd told myself, "so

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